1 Requisites

First of all. There are several methods to be running the Open IMS Core in Linux. This blog uses the method DAILY SNAPSHOT. There are Virtual Machines … with Open IMS Core already installed and I’m sure is a good starting point for many.

Requirements for installation from a DAILY SNAPSHOT

Hardware requirements: A machine, a PC, Netbook, Notebook, etc with Linux installedFEDORA 16 … with that should be enough to start. In my case I have a HP 110 MiniNetbook and Fedora 16 fully updated and everything works fine.

For maximum performance: Add several gigabytes of RAM
add a few CPUs, Gigabit Ethernet use help for better access to the network, etc..

In my case I will use a virtual machine with VirtualBox style that will solve all my problemsproblems. Again, find your best way to deal with a Linux system in your life.

DNS server: We will install a DNS so do not despair that we will learn this too.
Software requirements:

~ 100 MBytes of disk space
GCC Compiler 3/4,
Java JDK1.5 at least (use java-version to check)….this a main point
and Ant
MySQL installed and started (it is mandatory for this case … you can use the bestmanejel)
libxml2 (> 2.6), libmysql – eye development libraries.Are required!
Linux kernel 2.6 (at least)
and libcurl4 curl-gnutls-dev to the interface of the entity LoST E-CSCF
Optional: openssl if you want to enable TLS security

Bind, up and running (or another name server if you can deal with it)
Internet connection
Note 1: is considered to have all this installed, configured and running. If you don’t how to to make the software installation, don’t worry. We show you how to do that.

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