OpenIMS + Fedora 16

Open IMS Core / Fedora

On this web page you will find it necessary to install “in a explanatory way” (at least I try to be claear) all the packages related to the project OPEN IMSCORE platform in FEDORA 16 (I’m using now my precious HP Netbook).

The majority must be reviews, pictures and videos, because the idea is you can see with your  own eyes the development of the facilityand meet the problems of installing this platform.

Undoubtedly requires certain skills to develop this.

  • Some knowledge in Linux commands (later the site will learn Linuxinformation relevant to a smooth but intensive)
  • Understand the purpose of which is to perform
  • Do not give up and not demotivated despite not knowing much Linux (by now)
  • Be willing to learn on MOBILE IP NETWORKS and FEDORA, in particular IMS recommend learning them before trying to install a system architecture in Linux.

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