OpenIMSCore over Fedora 20

Quick Install

This section will help refresh your memory on what steps you are supposed to follow.

If this is your first time, skip over it for now and go to this place

Make everycommand as is explained.....don't skip nothing

      	mkdir /opt/OpenIMSCore 
      	cd /opt/OpenIMSCore

      	mkdir FHoSS 
      	svn checkout FHoSS

      	mkdir ser_ims 
      	svn checkout ser_ims

      	cd FHoSS 
      	ant compile deploy 
      	cd ..

      	cd ser_ims 
      	make install-libs all 
      	cd ..

      	mysql -u root -p < FHoSS/scripts/hss_db.sql 
      	mysql -u root -p < FHoSS/scripts/userdata.sql

      	mysql -u root -p < ser_ims/cfg/icscf.sql 

      	cp ser_ims/cfg/*.cfg . 
      	cp ser_ims/cfg/*.xml . 
      	cp ser_ims/cfg/*.sh .

Start the components

  • CSCFs
    • Start, and
    • All these should run in parallel.
    • We love debugging, so by default they would stay in foreground.
    • By default you should see periodically log messages with the content of the registrar and with the opened diameter links
  • FHoSS
    • Start FHoSS/deploy/
    • If the previous step fails, check that you have the JAVA_HOME environment variable correctly exported and/or modify the script that you just tried to start.
    • Check the web interface on http://localhost:8080/
    • Check if the Diameter Peers are connecting to each other. You can see this in the console of FHoSS or in that of I/S-CSCF
Watch out with the DNS !!!!!!

¡¡¡ DNS !!!


4 responses to “OpenIMSCore over Fedora 20

  1. Hello,

    I am student who is preparing his thesis on IMS security.

    I have installed properly the OpenIMS core in my machine. But when I access the FHoSS web interface from the browser and I go to
    the User Identities (Private, Public) there is no option of creating/modifying/removing new subscribers (there are only the already
    provided Bob and Alice).

    Can you please help me to resolve this problem i indeed need your help

    Best regards

    • Sali, thanks for your email.
      I’m gonna try to remake the problem and later we can share more information using direct mail.
      Kind regards,


  2. HI mbr4v0v

    Glad to recieve your answer. Actually my problem is resolved. It was just a matter of username i used hss instead of hssAdmin

    Now i wanna know if did you already work with MONSTER Client IMS. I’ve a serious problem in registration phase i got this error: Unresolvable destination

    Best regards

    • Feel to share your experiences here.

      About the problem. DNS. Triple check for DNS is the main and 99% issue.

      KR, Marco

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