Tips Fedora

How many partitions should I create on a Linux system? In my case, this is the answer for a VirtualBox.

Personally I’ve created the layout this way, for FEDORA 16 and worked.

  1. The new BIOS PARTITION 2 MB At the top. The first partition created.
  2. The /boot PARTITION (root partition)  yoy can use 100-150 MB
  3. The SWAP File System. Remember swap is almost the RAM *2, but this methos to design SWAP partition is not updated by my side. I need to clarify this topic.
  4. Finally , I use / PARTITION (root partition) for the rest of the empty space of the HD.
  5. That’s all

sample that works ok!



Why I need this new BIOS PARTITION?, don’t know yet but more information below

Error “you have not created a bootloader stage1 target device” appears in partitioning menu  =====> ‘BIOS boot‘.

link to this item – Bugzilla: #752063

Error message is shown when you try to create a new partition layout and don’t create BIOS boot partition. It says “you have not created a bootloader stage1 target device”. This obscure message wants to say, that user forget to create a BIOS boot partition. To avoid this, you have to create a new partition. It must be 1-2 MB large and file system type must be ‘BIOS boot‘.

u can check how to do  here 

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