The Project

The purpose of this blog is to learn about:

  • The Open IMS Core installation, and also learn more about the operating system —  Fedora 16…Fedora 17 … Fedora 18
  • Learn more about IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)
  • Learn more about how to solve the problems we find in the installation of Open IMS Core,, over a FEDORA enviroment (libs, selinux, etc)
  • More Tips about the new features of FEDORA and review the product working in a IMS testbed.

That’s all.

The goal is to help people, who is learning and having some issues,  and also help my students to learn more about the exciting world of  IP “mobile communications“.

This is not a support site, or a consulting site….but if you want to make a question. I will answer…ASAP. It’s a deal.


M4rc0, 2012 -2013.

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