1 Requisites

First of all. There are several methods to be running the Open IMS Core in Linux. This blog uses the method DAILY SNAPSHOT. There are Virtual Machines … with Open IMS Core already installed and I’m sure is a good starting point for many.


Get archives of daily snapshots

For your convenience, you can download the components compressed in one file each. Each night the latest revision is added. The revisions are not necessarily pulled on each iteration, but just one per day.

Pay attention though, that these are not releases! As such, please only post bugs and issues regarding the last revision.

The daily revision snapshots can be found here: ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/openimscore/snapshots/


Requirements for installation from a DAILY SNAPSHOT

Hardware requirements: A PC, Netbook, Notebook, etc with Linux installed on it. IN THIS BLOG : FEDORA 18 … with that should be enough to start. In my case I have a HP 110 Mini Netbook and Fedora 18 fully updated and everything works fine.

For maximum performance: Add several gigabytes of RAM
add a few CPUs, Gigabit Ethernet use help for better access to the network, etc..

In my case I will use a virtual machine with VirtualBox style that will solve all my problemsproblems. Again, find your best way to deal with a Linux system in your life.

DNS server: We will install a DNS so do not despair that we will learn this too….Good Challenge!!!!

Software requirements:

~ 100 MBytes of disk space
GCC Compiler 3/4,
Java JDK1.5 at least (use java-version to check)….this a main point
and Ant
MySQL installed and started (it is mandatory for this case … you can use the bestmanejel)
libxml2 (> 2.6), libmysql – eye development libraries.Are required!
Linux kernel 2.6 (at least)
and libcurl4 curl-gnutls-dev to the interface of the entity LoST E-CSCF
Optional: openssl if you want to enable TLS security

Bind, up and running (or another name server if you can deal with it)
Internet connection
Note 1: is considered to have all this installed, configured and running. If you don’t how to to make the software installation, don’t worry. We show you how to do that.

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