Note about downloading sources using SVN

Some friends told me thay have problems to download via SVN.

Check this link inside my blog

2.-   Quick Install for the fastest

If you already installed this project in Fedora 17, this section will help refresh your memory on what steps you are supposed to follow.

If this is your first time, please check for information about Fedora 17 inside the project Web Page.

This installation suppose that you’re are able to make some commands in shell (bash by default)

#    mkdir /opt/OpenIMSCore

#    cd /opt/OpenIMSCore

#   mkdir FHoSS

#   svn checkout FHoSS

#   mkdir ser_ims

#   svn checkout ser_ims

Remind, you can use this method to download the sources OR you can download via FTP from this link .

Source Code (Download)

First of all, please note that there are NO Releases. We believe that because the project is so dynamic, releases won’t make sense and anyway we do not have the man-power to do support for anything than the last source code revision.

There are 3 ways that you can get the source of the components

  1. Download the projects with Subversion (SVN)
  2. Get daily snapshots in convenient archives
  3. Get a VM ready-to-run image

Personally, I use the number 2, Is more comfortable and fit with all  my knowledge.

Best wishes, Marco.