Get Fedora 21 (Server)


Hi guys, I’ll update my installation process this week.

After that, we’ll configure OpenIMScore on a OPENSTACK platform and besides working together an ASTERISK platform

Kind regards, Marco.


Installing OpenIMSCore with IPv6 Capability on Ubuntu 10.04

An extract from this

Hey guys, it’s has been a long time since my last post. Ok, let get straight to the point. As we know the OpenIMSCore is a very widely used software to implement IP Multimedia Subsystem or IMS on Linux platform, which in this tutorial I am using Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 LTS.

This OpenIMSCore came with standard capability to provide SIP service such as VoIP and video call. So you don’t need to install the Application Service for these type of services. Originally, this IMS concept was designed to be worked on a full IPV6-based network, it means the addresses of the clients, the servers and the IMS itself have to be defined in IPv6. But in OpenIMSCore, the standard installation only came with IPV4 implementation, there’s several configuration have to be added later if we want to make our IMS work on IPV6.

So this is the tutorial, enjoy 😀

LCN Virtualized EPC Technology Demonstrator

A very good post from

Network Function Virtualization has been accepted as a game changer by Service Providers. Initial excitement has given way to working POCs. Many industry bodies like ETSI, 3GPP and TMF have been working on standardizing various aspects of the technology.

In a mobile network, certain components of the packet core are ideal candidates for virtualiztion. PCRF, Online Charging Function (OCS) and HSS are compute intensive, and need to scale up as the load increases. Further, since they are part of the control plane, they are easier to isolate and move to a private cloud – or even to a public cloud.

LCN Virtual EPC Technology Demonstrator

LCN with its focus on the signalling in the packet core, has developed a Proof-Of-Concept Virtual EPC. The components are,
• Virtualized prototype PCRF built with LCN Diameter stack and Gx APIs.
• LCN Diameter Signalling Router capable of handling dynamic changes to the forwarding table.
• OpenStack integration layer that taps in to OpenStack notifications.
• Sample PCEFs built with LCN Diameter stack, sitting outside the cloud.

In the above configuration, multiple PCRFs are running within the OpenStack cloud as virtual machines. LCN Cloud Monitor is an application running on the control node, listening to various OpenStack notifications and acting on specific events. The DSR is running outside the cloud, closer to the devices. But all these entities can also be moved to the cloud as needed.

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We’ve received this mail yesterday..

gll a través de 

6 de ene. (Hace 1 día.)

para openimscore-us.
hi all:
We have deployed a imscore server by OpenIMSCore.Now we opened it for register.
if you want use it or know more information ,please viste the website: or email to
thank you very much.
And this is the product…………………

xTalker is The Full Mobile Instant Message Solution For Enterprise By Mobile or PC.
xTalker provide text message, MMS Message,voice call,video call communcation.
xTalker support IMS standard.
xTalker is base of the OpenIMSCore.
It’s use case diagram is blow:

Application Scene

You could use this solution when you:
want setup a LTE core network;
want debug a LTE mobile terminal;
want setup a instant message system.

Get Account

We only accept for apply account by Email now.If you want get a account ,please In E-mail the subject is filled with “apply account“, then we will send you a mail with the account information in 48 hours. you could use this account free in 3 months. We are working for register account online now,please wait for it .


Also when you want setup a LTE Core Network,
when you want to get some help for develop IMS System,
when you want to get source for IMSCore or IOS/Andriod/WP8/ App,
Please send email to


Xtabler Version:0.0.1 2015.1

New Content Available

Please check OpenIMSCore over Fedora 20 in the front titles.

And I will review the DNS configuration this week

First of all please learn about DNS here —–>

And then check this out.

$ORIGIN open-ims.test.
@ 1D IN SOA localhost. root.localhost. (
2006101001 ; serial
3H ; refresh
15M ; retry
1W ; expiry
1D ) ; minimum

1D IN NS ns
ns 1D IN A

pcscf 1D IN A
_sip.pcscf 1D SRV 0 0 4060 pcscf
_sip._udp.pcscf 1D SRV 0 0 4060 pcscf
_sip._tcp.pcscf 1D SRV 0 0 4060 pcscf

icscf 1D IN A
_sip 1D SRV 0 0 5060 icscf
_sip._udp 1D SRV 0 0 5060 icscf
_sip._tcp 1D SRV 0 0 5060 icscf

open-ims.test. 1D IN A
open-ims.test. 1D IN NAPTR 10 50 “s” “SIP+D2U” “” _sip._udp
open-ims.test. 1D IN NAPTR 20 50 “s” “SIP+D2T” “” _sip._tcp

scscf 1D IN A
_sip.scscf 1D SRV 0 0 6060 scscf
_sip._udp.scscf 1D SRV 0 0 6060 scscf
_sip._tcp.scscf 1D SRV 0 0 6060 scscf

trcf 1D IN A
_sip.trcf 1D SRV 0 0 3060 trcf
_sip._udp.trcf 1D SRV 0 0 3060 trcf
_sip._tcp.trcf 1D SRV 0 0 3060 trcf

bgcf 1D IN A
_sip.bgcf 1D SRV 0 0 7060 bgcf
_sip._udp.bgcf 1D SRV 0 0 7060 bgcf
_sip._tcp.bgcf 1D SRV 0 0 7060 bgcf

mgcf 1D IN A
_sip.mgcf 1D SRV 0 0 8060 mgcf
_sip._udp.mgcf 1D SRV 0 0 8060 mgcf
_sip._tcp.mgcf 1D SRV 0 0 8060 mgcf

hss 1D IN A

ue 1D IN A

presence 1D IN A

pcrf 1D IN A
clf 1D IN A

Mysql …. I can’t to login using no password, but finally I did it

I’ve tried a lot of methods but reinstalling and erasing everything about MYSQL and MARIADB works finally !!!!

[root@localhost OpenIMSCore]# cd FHoSS/
[root@localhost FHoSS]# mysql -u root -p < FHoSS/scripts/hss_db.sql
Enter password:
[root@localhost FHoSS]# mysql -u root -p < FHoSS/scripts/userdata.sql
Enter password:
[root@localhost FHoSS]# mysql -u root -p < ser_ims/cfg/icscf.sql
-bash: ser_ims/cfg/icscf.sql: No such file or directory
[root@localhost FHoSS]# cd ..4
-bash: cd: ..4: No such file or directory
[root@localhost FHoSS]# cd ..
[root@localhost OpenIMSCore]# cd ser_ims/
[root@localhost ser_ims]# mysql -u root -p < ser_ims/cfg/icscf.sql
Enter password:
[root@localhost ser_ims]# cp ser_ims/cfg/*.cfg
cp: target ‘ser_ims/cfg/trcf.cfg’ is not a directory
[root@localhost ser_ims]# ll
total 12
drwxr-xr-x. 20 root root 12288 Dec 21 19:05 ser_ims
[root@localhost ser_ims]# cp ser_ims/cfg/*.cfg .
[root@localhost ser_ims]# cp ser_ims/cfg/*.xml .
[root@localhost ser_ims]# cp ser_ims/cfg/*.sh .
[root@localhost ser_ims]#