Get Fedora 21 (Server)


Hi guys, I’ll update my installation process this week.

After that, we’ll configure OpenIMScore on a OPENSTACK platform and besides working together an ASTERISK platform

Kind regards, Marco.


9 responses to “Get Fedora 21 (Server)

  1. I’m interesting in OpenIMSCore configured on an openstack instance, how about your progress in configuring OpenIMSCore on a openstack platform? is it successfully configured on openstack?

    • Well when I start this blog IMS was the core and main reason to configure it in different Fedora versions.
      Now, reading your question, I think maybe could be a good fork.
      I have Openstack experiencie and Just Need Time and friends to add any feedback or contribution.

      Admin aka Marco

      • maybe it’s good to discuss about it, i’ve tried to deployed ubuntu-based openimscore on an openstack instance, but i got a problem when i tried to make DNS ( for the OpenIMSCore worked, because i used neutron as the openstack networking. So, the instance has two IPs, Private IP ( and the FloatingIP or Public IP (

        Until now. i’ve make the DNS ( worked successfully on the Private IP, but it’s not work on the floating IP, and i can’t ping the DNS ( from the public network.

        Do you know about making DNS server worked on the instance’s private IP and the Floating IP?

        It’s good for me if you would share the steps to solve the problem.

        Thank You.

      • Hey Beny , I think you need to ask this question in the OpenStack mailing list or in .
        When you’ve resolved which IP must to be use in DNS, I think you can go further in OpenIMSCORE.
        Great Job Beny!!! I’ll try to deploy my own on Fedora (I’m trying to be a faithful man and compromised with the name of my blog) 🙂
        Finally, share your knowledge!!!


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