Installing OpenIMSCore with IPv6 Capability on Ubuntu 10.04

An extract from this

Hey guys, it’s has been a long time since my last post. Ok, let get straight to the point. As we know the OpenIMSCore is a very widely used software to implement IP Multimedia Subsystem or IMS on Linux platform, which in this tutorial I am using Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 LTS.

This OpenIMSCore came with standard capability to provide SIP service such as VoIP and video call. So you don’t need to install the Application Service for these type of services. Originally, this IMS concept was designed to be worked on a full IPV6-based network, it means the addresses of the clients, the servers and the IMS itself have to be defined in IPv6. But in OpenIMSCore, the standard installation only came with IPV4 implementation, there’s several configuration have to be added later if we want to make our IMS work on IPV6.

So this is the tutorial, enjoy 😀


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