We’ve received this mail yesterday..

gll gll@x-talker.net a través de lists.sourceforge.net 

6 de ene. (Hace 1 día.)

para openimscore-us.
hi all:
We have deployed a imscore server by OpenIMSCore.Now we opened it for register.
if you want use it or know more information ,please viste the website: www.x-talker.net or email to :service@x-talker.net.
thank you very much.
And this is the product…………………

xTalker is The Full Mobile Instant Message Solution For Enterprise By Mobile or PC.
xTalker provide text message, MMS Message,voice call,video call communcation.
xTalker support IMS standard.
xTalker is base of the OpenIMSCore.
It’s use case diagram is blow:

Application Scene

You could use this solution when you:
want setup a LTE core network;
want debug a LTE mobile terminal;
want setup a instant message system.

Get Account

We only accept for apply account by Email now.If you want get a account ,please E-mail:service@x-talker.net. In E-mail the subject is filled with “apply account“, then we will send you a mail with the account information in 48 hours. you could use this account free in 3 months. We are working for register account online now,please wait for it .


Also when you want setup a LTE Core Network,
when you want to get some help for develop IMS System,
when you want to get source for IMSCore or IOS/Andriod/WP8/ App,
Please send email to service@x-talker.net.


Xtabler Version:0.0.1 2015.1


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