Installation : Fedora 17 – Recommended System Swap Space

Amount of RAM in the System Recommended Amount of Swap Space
4GB of RAM or less a minimum of 2GB of swap space
4GB to 16GB of RAM a minimum of 4GB of swap space
16GB to 64GB of RAM a minimum of 8GB of swap space
64GB to 256GB of RAM a minimum of 16GB of swap space
256GB to 512GB of RAM a minimum of 32GB of swap space
Unless you have a reason for doing otherwise, we recommend that you create the following partitions for x86, AMD64, and Intel 64 systems:
  • swap partition
  • /boot partition
  • / partition
  • /home partition

Install and Configure Bind

Due to some comments and mails, I’ll put a lot of information about how to install and configure a DNS.

DNS is the most important part, in a network that provides services to the clients.

Please, check Fedora 16 tab.

Any questions? Ask is free.